• 1988 CIOSA Autopartes.

    CIOSA autopartes was founded by Mr. Jaime Huguenin Planter when he decided to get involved in auto part imports and distribution in Mexico, specializing in the electric parts segment.

  • 1991-1998 Internationalization.

    The company establised a distribution network in northern Mexico and the Pacific área and started to import from Asia and USA.

    CIOSA established a national distribution network and comercial relations whit 15 countries.

  • 2001-2002 CIOSA Value creation.

    Second Generation Jorge Huguenin Bolaños Cacho takes the lead and starts with a new strategy to grow its precense, gain operational efficiency and institionalize The Company. A wold-class distribution center of 7,000 m2 is built in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

  • 2004 Biozone was founded.

    BIOZONE founded. The first line in Mexico for safe cleaning products, non-toxic and friendly to the environment and habitants.

  • 2006 EXIM Group was founded.

    EXIM Group Foundation, holding of coordinated companies with business presence in international markets. Ppresident Mr. Jorge Huguenin Bolaños Cacho.

  • 2011 Altus Biopharm was founded.

    Company focused on research, development and commercialization of biological control agents of pests and diseases in the agricultural market is founded.

  • 2012 B.M.V.

    Ciosa Autopartes enters to the Mexican Stock Exchange.

  • 2015 to the Present.

    CIOSA Autopartes currently has 15 distribution centers in Mexico and it is expected to start operations in Colombia. These business units opérate whith wholesale and retail, providing faster service and efficiency to customers.