Exim is a group of Mexican companies with a presence in
    international markets. Their activity is diversified
    industries such as auto parts, chemical industries,
    electrical cable, pharmaceutical and restaurant industries,
    among others.
  • Ciosa Autopartes
    Ciosa Autopartes
    Company in constant growth and expansion over 25 years ofz
    experience in the auto parts market.
  • Altus Biopharm
    Mexican biotechnology Company focused on research, development
    and marketing of biological agents for control of pests in the
    agricultural market.
  • Ciosa Autopartes
    Biozone Chemical
    Creator of the first line in Mexico of safe cleaning products
    not toxic kind to the environment and people.
  • Mayama
    Integral Education Center that helps children and their
    families in extreme poverty to make the best of your being.
  • CCE
    Centro Cultural Exim
    Artistic complex that aims to promote culture and art in
    society in general.
  • Ciosa Autopartes
  • Altus Biopharm
  • Biozone Chemical
  • Mayama
  • Centro Cultural Exim