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Chirimbola Cheese & Burgers

About the project

Chirimbola is a Fast Casual burger restaurant where the protagonist is cheese. An experience that transcends craving and seeks to feed the curiosity of its guests through its flavors and atmosphere.


“Our approach is to develop unique home-made products and experiences that perpetually feed the curiosity of our customers.”
-Emilio Huguenin, CEO of Hamburkase

sharing our passion for service.

served to feed the curiosity of our clients.

creating a unique, delicious, and fun gastronomic experience.

Silvano Hamburguesas

About the project

Traditional flavor with an authentic touch!
Our story began more than 35 years ago with a mobile hamburger and hotdog stand in the heart of the Chapalita neighborhood. We started by making a family recipe for hamburgers and hotdogs that quickly became a sensation.


“Today we continue to maintain the essence of neighborhood hamburgers: simple, tasty, and a lot of heart.”
-Alejandro Álvarez, CEO of Hamburkase

cooking with all our hearts.

with our classic flavor.