Industries / Cultural Management

Creating a sense of belonging in our cities through art.

Cultural Management

Exim Cultural Center

Escultórica Monumental

About the project

ESMO is a public art project aiming to donate and manage efforts between private initiatives, artists, and the government for the installation of monumental sculptures seeking to transform the environment of our cities.


"We seek to build a new non-profit cultural management model that changes each participant's vision capable of stimulating the interaction of citizens with art."
—Cecilia Santos, ESMO coordinator

donated to the city with the help of private investors.

pesos worth of commercial value for the collection of sculptures.

from artists for the completion of projects.

Chapultepec Engraving Workshop

About the project

Passionate about engraving and the infinite cultural possibilities, Chapultepec Engraving Workshop is a space dedicated to creating, experimenting, selling, fusing, curating, and managing the best Mexican graphics.


“We believe that culture and art are essential and indispensable services for a community's development. Therefore, we are dedicated to promoting art and culture through the creation of network projects.”
—Humberto Baca, Visual Artist, Engraving Workshop Coordinator

recognized locally, nationally and internationally.

assembling one of the most important graphic collections in Mexico.