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Manufacturing environmentally friendly cleaning products.


Biozone Chemical


About the project

BIOZONE is a company committed to the design, manufacture, and marketing of ecological cleaning and sanitation products for home and personal care; from developing its formulas, to promoting the use of reusable containers.


“At Biozone, our commitment is with our community. We are constantly working on transforming products based on traditional formulas into formulation products with S.A.F.E (Safe, Kind, Functional and Ecological) ingredients.”
-Enrique Pous, CEO of Biozone

committed to sustainability.

of disinfection with long-term protection.

manufacturing cleaning and disinfection products.


About the project

Ultriakin is a company that seeks to eliminate single-use plastic containers, reducing the environmental impact with our 100% biodegradable product.


“Our commitment is to help families by offering the lowest prices without compromising quality. We want to pave a cleaner and fairer world.”
-Cesar Ley, Founder of Biozone

committed to quality.

environmentally friendly.

promoting and increasing recycling in all its forms.